Thursday, February 26, 2009

Silver, my friend

My friend name is Silver Kera. He looked strange. He lived in Laagri. He played hide and seek alot. He liked hamburgers alot. He started school when he was 7. He went to playschool and had many friends. He liked reading and he liked going school.

Monday, February 16, 2009

exercise 10

Ann didn't eat a pear. She ate a carrot.
Nelly didn't get a five. He got a three.
Daniel didn't have a bath. He had a shower.
Susan didn't catch a fish. He caught a butterfly.
Mrs Nelson didn't buy bananas. She bought apples.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Exercise 1

Markus & Neit

1.I watched TV
2.You walked a lot
3.He read books
She went to other countries
It played CDs
1.We had a Lego
2.You went to cinema
3.They worked on computers

1.I didn't wear T-shirts
2.You didn't make music
3.He didn't eat a lot of fruit and berries
She didn't have showers
It didn't watch TV
1.We didn't walk a lot
2.You didn't read books
3.They didn't go to other countries

1.Did I play CDs?
2.Did you have Legos?
3.Did he go to the cinema?
Did she work on computers?
Did it wear T-shirts?
1.Did we make music?
2.Did you make music?
3.Did they have showers?