Monday, February 9, 2009

Exercise 1

Markus & Neit

1.I watched TV
2.You walked a lot
3.He read books
She went to other countries
It played CDs
1.We had a Lego
2.You went to cinema
3.They worked on computers

1.I didn't wear T-shirts
2.You didn't make music
3.He didn't eat a lot of fruit and berries
She didn't have showers
It didn't watch TV
1.We didn't walk a lot
2.You didn't read books
3.They didn't go to other countries

1.Did I play CDs?
2.Did you have Legos?
3.Did he go to the cinema?
Did she work on computers?
Did it wear T-shirts?
1.Did we make music?
2.Did you make music?
3.Did they have showers?

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