Thursday, September 25, 2008

Exercise 4 and 6

Exercise 4
I can speak Estonian and English.
My friend can speak Russian because he studies Russian in school.
My mother can speak Russian but she can't speak English.
Our house is not very new but it's nice and clean.
In Estonia daffodils only grow in parks and gardens, bu in Britain they grow everywhere.
There are a lot of tourists in London because it's an interesting city.
In Wales and Scotland all the people speak English because these are parts of UK.
I can skate and swim, but I can't play football.
Exercise 6
Scotland is a part of Great Britain. The capital of Wales is Cardiff. A tourist is somebody who visits other countries and towns. In London tourists often ride on double-decker buses. Scotland is to the north of England. Its capital is Edinburgh. A neighbour is somebody who lives in next house or flat. A guest is somebody who comes to visit you.

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